Oliver Vibrans

Composer & Musical Director

out of the dark - rose theatre kingston - 30th oct - 2nd nov

There's the space that's all around us - enclosing the Earth, full of galaxies, moonbeams and meteors, planets and probably other life forms. And then there's the space inside Lily's head. Where the matter simply stopped forming.

Lily. He. She. A fledgling family.

A family who are suddenly faced with the unexpected, when, at 6 months, Lily is diagnosed with a rare neurological condition with potentially life-changing consequences.

Suzy Gill's debut play, told in spoken word poetry, is a lyrical, honest and tender exploration of their family life as they begin tentatively to orbit the struggles and triumphs that come following the discovery that Lily's brain did not quite form the way that He and She anticipated.



strangers on a train set -LipService theatre on tour throughout 2019

www.lipservicetheatre.co.uk for tour dates

Watch a trailer with original score by Oliver Vibrans

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Manchester central 16th august

Free entry

from the crowd - commemorating peterloo

The free, outdoor, day-long event will include spoken word, music, choirs, chants and songs remembering all those whose lives were lost or changed forever in the ongoing fight for political representation. Oliver Vibrans has written music for a brass quintet as part of the unveiling of the Jeremy Deller installation. Find out more


The merchant of venice - stafford SHAKESPEARE festival 27th june - 12th july



Rutherford and son.png

rutherford and son - Sheffield crucible 8th feb - 23rd feb

No one’s any right to be what father is - never questioned, never answered back

1912, the Industrial North

Caroline Steinbeis directs Githa Sowerby’s celebrated classic about the struggle for supremacy, legacy and deciding one’s own destiny.

The vostok k incident

A Cold War pilot… A mysterious rocket… Previously unheard interview tapes… Unlock the secrets of The Vostok-K Incident in this immersive 3D audio drama by connecting your phones, tablets, and laptops.

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 22.18.25.jpg

This project is all about bringing 'spatial audio' experiences into the home. 

The S3A project team (researchers from the Universities of Surrey, Salford, Southampton, and BBC R&D) have been working on a way of using speakers in devices that people already have at home—mobile phones, tablets, and laptops—so that we can unlock immersive audio experiences for many more listeners.

We’re testing this idea with a new science-fiction drama—The Vostok-K Incident. It’s 13 minutes long and was created specifically to take advantage of extra connected devices to tell a story. You can listen to the piece just like a normal audio drama, but the experience gets better as you connect more extra devices, unlocking immersive spatial aspects as well as extra hidden content.

the making of graeae's 'midwich cuckoos'

Watch the behind the scenes documentary featuring interviews with the cast and creative team, offering insights into our process bringing this groundbreaking interpretation of a classic story to BBC Radio 4.